Best High Paying YouTube Adsense Alternatives


YouTube adsense account banned? Are you not satisfied with youtube earnings from adsense? Not to worry!  We are happy to help you, here is the complete list of youtube adsense alternatives which which help you earn from your youtube videos and from now you can monetize your youtube account which is disabled from google adsense.

Youtube Adsense Alternatives

Below is the list of various ad networks through which you can monetize your youtube videos.

Out of many new alternatives, i have seen people using this ad network to monetize their videos and earn some bucks, they will probably accept your partnership if you have original content on any niche be it sports, cooking or any other and video traffic above 33 pageviews a day will work. They give easy payouts and with no minimum payout conditions.

Filmsection is a growing network with various benefits for the publishers, “you earn more money than with adsense” they say their CPM rates lies between 3-10$ and sometimes even higher. You will good support with them which is not so easy to get with adsense. Revenue data can directly be accessed at youtube analytics and nothing is hidden. You will be getting monthly payouts with fully integrated paypal or if you demand they can offer payments through Bank Transfer and Western Union.

AdRev is a talent network and you can monetize your content through with this network, the approval is easy and would require 10K  video views a month, and then you can easily be accepted into their program, they will then verify your video for original content and then confirm your approval, people around the web are facing monetization issues with them but they are pretty good at solving them. Their CPM rates are low when compared to adsense but if you getting good traffic then you are good to go. You can withdraw your payments after completion of 45 days of monthly earnings easily with paypal.

This network is a completely different network when compared to other networks around them, they claim that they are trying to be the best but not the biggest, they are selective in channel monetization and getting into the program is not that easy as it is in or Adrev. They claim to give 40% more revenue than adsense, what i could find out after growing through the list of their partnered channels was that they pay good but demand channels with huge stats ie with huge no views and subscribers.

They are another very good ad network, they offer complete exclusive premium gorilla ads for your youtube channel that has very high cpm rates ranging around 25$. Getting 25$ per 1000 impressions is not bad huh? The support you will get would be great and good to go.

Maker studios is probably the largest network on youtube, they grew very fastly and became the largest network after 2012 when they declared  that they have over 1000 channels under their programme, they informed that they had accumulated over 1.1 billion views and got more than 90 million subscribers, since then they have grown and never looked back. They provide quality data and reports to manage your growth and stats, CPM rates can drastically vary depending upon your channel traffic, they share about 60-90% revenue with their publishers.

Machinima – “WHERE HEROES RISE”, it is a american gaming and media streaming website and a multi channel network, it is one of the leading entertainment network on youtube. As a partner you will get access to the console, it will give you detailed reports about uploads and other stuff, the support you get will be good and along with the support you will get  advanced copyright and strike assistance.  Along with all this you will get access to awesome sound libraries.

These were the networks which were CPM based, but there are few more alternatives you can choose from, what matters the most is what actually suits you the best, and to get the best you need to try out best possible alternatives.

One point i would like to mention to all  of you guys is to be careful while signing up with these ad networks as they various terms and conditions in which you have to agree to be partnered with them for a minimum span of 5 years or more and getting out of these programs is not that easy.

Other Adsense Alternatives

  • Direct Sponsorship

You can directly ask companies to sponsor your videos, they can really pay you well and more than any cpm based network could pay.Try and relate to some brands which you think can sponsor your videos and mail them telling about you and your videos and how it can help you as well as them, then wait and see what response do they provide.


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