December 9, 2023

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Photography, Image Editing And The Importance Of Common Sense

Do experienced professionals take the best photographs? Do all photos need final editing before being delivered to a customer with features like photoshop? This is a very common question among beginners or even for those who have photography as a hobby; after all, currently rare are photos that come out perfect with just a click and, for good image editing, it is necessary to understand post-production, image editing techniques and mastering such programs.

The experience factor helps a lot so that a photo comes out perfect when it is being taken, but when that doesn’t happen, it is necessary to resort to good image editing programs. And to handle them correctly, knowledge about lighting techniques, framing, pattern, scenery, among others, is necessary

In the digital age we live in, few photography professionals like in and almost no advertising, journalism, and marketing agencies use images without final editing. This happens because editing programs improve the quality of the image or even alter it by removing or adding effects, characters, and objects from the photo, which enriches the image that is usually sold to magazines, agencies, and the media.

But suppose you don’t work in this field and photography is just a hobby. In that case, these editing features will probably be unnecessary as compact cameras and new cell phones bring more and more technological advances that process the final image at the click time.

Today is created what used to be expected to achieve for hours at a time, a good light, a special day, an exact color or sun, or an incredible moon shining in the sky. There is no way to go back. There is no way not to admire this advance in technology. Still, at the same time, many professionals are wondering if they are not putting aside their skill in the art of photography to take advantage of features that image editing software makes available.

Although it is essential, some common sense must be used when using these programs; after all, for a good photograph, it is essential to capture the essence, the basis of what is being photographed, which is corrupted with an image editing without common sense. Many professionals question the indiscriminate use and claim that because of these programs, many photographers or beginners stop giving importance to the photographic technique and start worrying about how to master these little programs.

The good thing is to have the perception between common sense and exaggeration. Few agencies and media companies accept a raw image. For example, in fashion photography, 90% of the use of retouching occurs, whether due to the vanity of the person photographed, the incompetence of the photographer or the retoucher, or the company’s demand and perfectionism.

And then, we understand how important it is to use this type and tool with common sense. To correct a light, take an unwanted person out of the photo, make a crop, change the color temperature, a burst of flash in some part of the body, even adapt the photo to make a good impression. The mistake is in overusing it and transforming people completely, losing the photo’s essence, adding too many effects to the image, turning imperfect human beings into flawless men and women.