September 23, 2023

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A Quick Guide On How To Reset Your Android Phone

Sometimes your Android smartphone may not work as it should. If you can’t isolate the problem, sometimes only a factory reset will help. This will delete all files on your internal storage. These include downloaded apps, music, pictures, and videos, but also linked accounts and settings.

Resetting to the factory settings does not completely delete the data from your Android smartphone. This means that your pictures, apps, and videos could be recovered using a particular program. So, if you want to sell your mobile Phone, deleting it by resetting it to the factory settings is not enough; in this case, you should delete the data securely. This is also applicable to hard reset Motorola moto G7 power.

All your files on the internal storage will be deleted. Before resetting, make a backup of your smartphone or the most important data.

1st Step:

  • App drawer
  • In the app overview, open the ” Settings ” via the gear icon.

2nd Step:

  • Settings menu
  • Go to ” Backup & reset. ” Note: On some smartphones, you must first tap on ” System ” and then on ” Reset. “

3rd Step:

  • Save and reset menu
  • Now press ” Return to factory settings. “

4th Step:

  • Confirm the process by tapping ” Reset Phone. ” Your smartphone will now be reset. After the deletion process is complete, your device will restart. You can then set up Android again or restore your system from backups.
  • Remotely reset Android
  • If your Android device has been stolen, you can also try to erase your data remotely:
  • Open the Find my Device online app using your browser.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • Click on ” Delete ” and then on ” Delete ” again. As soon as your smartphone is online, the data will be deleted.

A Quick Guide To Reset Android

  • Open your smartphone settings (gear symbol).
  • Go to ” Backup & reset ” (on some smartphones to ” System ” and then to ” Reset “).
  • Tap on ” Factory data reset. “
  • Finally, confirm the process with ” Reset phone. “