October 4, 2023

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Can you access blocked websites using a VPN? 

VPNs were not initially introduced as a bypassing tool, in fact these were introduced to provide enhanced security, speed and privacy to organization during their workflow. However, with VPN, people were able to access restricted sites as it has the ability to mask your IP address. When you IP address is changed to a specific region, you can access to any website which has unrestricted access in that region. There are multiple reasons why a government or organization will block some sites in your region or office and these reasons are briefly explained here. 

Reasons why some sites are blocked? 

The blocking of website is not new. A lot of political and social reasons are involved in blocking the sites keeping in mind the adverse outcomes of the same. However, when a website is blocked, it is blocked for all people regardless of age group and gender. This thing creates a problem and people who are well suited for those websites are also restricted from viewing the content. Fastest Zero Trust VPN service is the best solution to unblock these websites and surf the web with anonymity which means that your organization and government would never know the location and IP address of the connection you are using. Following are some basic reasons why a government would block websites in a specific territory. 

  • The content of website is inappropriate for underage people
  • There is a conflict of interest between governments
  • There are monetary reasons involved
  • Organizations block the websites to improve the productivity of their employees
  • Most of the times social media sites are blocked to reduce wastage of time

However, if the site you are trying to visit is blocked, you can easily get access to it after you install VPN on firestick. VPN connection is like a small connection running across the bigger ISP connection protecting and securing your data with privileged access. When you IP address is masked, ISP does not know the exact location and thus allow you to visit the site without any interruption. We have discussed the method of using a VPN hereunder. 

How to use a VPN connection: 

In order to get VPN access, you will first be required to shortlist the company from which you want to buy the subscription. There are many companies out there selling their services at different rates. Apart from the price, you should check the speed, privacy, and data encryption tools before starting your anonymous journey with any service provider. After purchasing the subscription, you should do the following: 

  • Install VPN on firestick provided to you by the service provider
  • Make your account with the VPN website
  • Log in the details and secure your PC
  • Install the browser extension to add an extra layer of protection
  • Connect to the server which is offering the best speed

When you are browsing the internet with a different server, make sure that the site is not blocked in that country or region to access the website without any interruption.