December 5, 2023

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Opportunities for English Teachers in Peru

Teaching English as a foreign language has become a popular career choice for many adventurous individuals across the globe. With the increasing demand for English language proficiency, more and more countries are opening their doors to TEFL teachers from all around the world. One such country that has become a hotspot for English teachers worldwide is Peru. Peru has a rich cultural heritage and an enthusiastic population eager to improve their English-speaking skills. In this blog post, we will delve into the art of Teach English in Peru and help you understand why it is a unique and rewarding experience.

Cultural Understanding

Peru has a diverse culture, and it is essential that English teachers immerse themselves in it to understand the student’s needs and preferences efficiently. Knowledge of the Spanish language is not mandatory but will make life much easier outside of the classroom. Peru is a country that values punctuality, politeness, and hierarchy, and these values extend to the classroom. Teachers are expected to be on time, be respectful and address their senior colleagues as ‘Don’ or ‘Doña.’ It is also a wise idea to research the local customs and traditions to avoid any social faux pas.

Teaching Approaches

Peruvian schools are typically underfunded and have limited resources at their disposal. It means that the onus is on the teachers to create a conducive learning environment and use their creativity to capture their student’s attention. English teachers in Peru need to be flexible in their teaching approach and embrace a communicative language teaching method. It entails an interactive and engaging method that encourages students to practice their language skills through conversation, role-plays, and other activities. The best teachers in Peru are those who make learning fun and enjoyable.

The Role of Technology

While some schools in Peru may have access to technology such as interactive whiteboards, others may have limited or no access. Teachers should be prepared to teach with or without technology and must have a range of activities that do not rely on technology. It is a great idea to invest in a portable projector or portable whiteboard that can be carried around. This flexibility will ensure that the teaching approach remains consistent, regardless of the resources available.

Building Rapport

Building relationships with your students is an integral part of teaching. It is especially crucial when teaching in Peru, where teachers are expected to be warm and approachable. Teachers should make an effort to learn the names of their students and greet them individually in the classroom. They should also be willing to share their interests and hobbies with their students and encourage them to do the same. Engaging with students will create a positive classroom environment, leading to better learning outcomes.

Professional Development

TEFL teachers in Peru should be open to feedback and be willing to learn from their students as well as their peers. It is a good idea to join local teacher organizations and take part in professional development programs that provide opportunities to network and learn from others. These organizations also offer online resources, such as webinars and downloadable teaching materials, to enhance your teaching skills. Professional development is the key to staying current with best practices in teaching and to remain engaged throughout your teaching career.


Teaching English is not only a rewarding career, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture. Peruvian society is welcoming and hospitable, and with the increasing demand for English teachers, this is the perfect opportunity to experience it. While teaching in Peru may have its challenges, the rewards and life-long experiences you will gain make it all worth it. So, pack your bags and embark on this incredible adventure today. The art of teaching English in Peru is waiting for you!