December 9, 2023

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Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are a relatively new entrant in the supplemental insurance market. They were initially offered as a perk to senior citizens who chose to remain in their own health care plan through Medicare. With the passage of time, more senior citizens began enrolling themselves in Medicare Advantage plans. The increased interest for Medicare Advantage plans prompted companies to come out with comprehensive advice on choosing and buying Medicare supplement plans 2022.

Most Medicare Advantage plans offer at least some prescription drug coverage. Some even provide extra benefits not available with original Medicare, such as dental care or prescription drug coverage. As a result of these additional services, it is advisable to ask your agent or broker at the time of enrollment if the plan includes a prescription drug benefit that may be helpful in reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Some agents or brokers also suggest the addition of vision and hearing care as part of a coordinated care plans. If you have had an prior pre-existing condition, you should also inquire with your medicare advantage plan provider about enrolling in a plan that includes the services of a provider for routine medical care and/or prescription drugs.

Several Medicare Advantage plans offer extended benefits for physical therapy and dental care. Usually, an extra benefit is offered for a monthly premium amount. These programs cover the costs of extended medical procedures like doctor visits, medications and chiropractic services, as well as extended dental services.

Most medicare advantage plans offer a maximum monthly benefit amount that decreases as you age. Therefore, it makes financial sense to stay in your current age group and pay a higher premium for the same services you will get from an older adult without a health condition. These extended benefits can help defray the costs of routine care for the elderly.

Several Medicare Advantage plans offer zero premium or low-cost options for many in-network healthcare providers. If you have a pre-existing condition, you may be able to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for care by opting out of some of these options. Generally, a zero premium option is only available on in-network care providers. If you do not select a plan with a zero premium but rather a lower rate, it could result in significant savings if you meet the recommended services.

Many people are concerned about the rising costs of medicare supplements. Although these supplements increase your monthly premiums, the government subsidies can help defray these costs so you can afford the supplements. In addition, the government encourages the use of medicare supplement insurance plans for senior citizens who are not covered under medicare primary care programs.

To encourage these individuals to remain at home, the government has implemented laws that require pharmacies to provide at least one stop pharmacy service and one Medicare Advantage plan to each senior citizen age 65 or over. You can learn more about medicare supplement insurance plans from the website American seniors.

In short, if you need extra assistance with your Medicare prescription drug plans and are not happy with the coverage provided under your current Medicare policy, contact a United Healthcare insurance company today. Our skilled agents will help you determine which of the many medicare advantage plans best meets your needs. Our expert team will assist you in completing your Medicare Supplement application and enrolling in your preferred medication benefit.